Julia Meltzer and David Thorne

epic (malhame)


“2 years ago when I was a donkey they used to hit me so I didn't fall into the hole that is at the edge of the valley. I used to always walk along the edge of the valley, reach the hole, move around it, and then continue walking. Of course, that is after I fell into it the first time. I loved walking along the edge of the valley because I didn't love walking over here, though there is space here. Walking along the edge enhances my donkey-ness. Ok, well, now, in the current human age I'm living in, there is a big hole in the city. All the people are passing by and falling into it. All the cars are falling into it. They even starting sending ambulances into it to rescue people. Eventually it was decided to build a hospital next to the hole in an attempt to make things better. And, sir, they built that hospital, but there were no people left, no humans left. All the people fell into the hole. Even the hospital fell into the hole, and that's how the humans came to an end. Bye-bye humans.”

2008, 7 minute loop, Arabic with English subtitles, video installation Produced in collaboration with Rami Farah.


Installation view, 2008 Whitney Biennial.